Dan & Amylyn Neil
Denver Broncos Super Bowl Champion XXXII and XXXIII


You are TOO Sweet! You made my day!

Dan is TOTALLY in love with Rowdy! He's going Bonkers, buying him EVERYTHING...going to Cabellas this Friday to get him more fun things!

I can not tell you what an AWESOME dog this is! He is totally pooped right now! We have had him outside for two days straight! The kids take him on neighborhood walks as well!

Last night he was like a zombie, laying on the couch, hoping i wouldn't see him. It was hilarious, i couldn't find him at about 9:00pm, so i went all over the house calling his name very quietly.... no Rowdy? I freaked out because I thought maybe he snuck out the back garage door and got lost! Just as I was putting on my shoes to go look for him, there was a little black face peeking out from the couch pillows... he was SO QUIET! IT WAS ADORABLE! (of coarse he worked so hard to climb up there with all those LEGS!!!)

HE IS JUST PERFECT! I think Rowdy would love another playmate! We are headed to the park with Rowdy when the kiddos get off the bus.

Your the BEST

"Bandit has been awesome…has been on 6 hunts so…picked up over 140 ducks. Got him on hand signals and whistle. He's doing great."
C.H. ~ Houston, Texas

Merry Christmas John. Had the boys open 3 envelopes with small clues and the 4th had the pictures. When our 13 year old saw the pics he started crying and came and gave me a huge hug.

Was a Christmas moment for us that will likely never be topped.

I hope you and yours have a great day. I'll get back to you soon with a call name.

Thanks again!

C.C. - Houston, Texas